I am greatly indebted to the many resources for historic, cultural and educational assistance I received. The work of research librarians and historians goes well beyond what one sees at the front of these institutions. The depth of their knowledge and willingness to dig even deeper put me in awe. My grateful thanks to them.

Usually, one would see a gallery of references in order of the story; since my story travels a great deal, I have put them in geographic order from the narrative.


Capuchin Convent – Nava del Rey, Valladolid

Madrid University – Applied Psychology

Oficina Municipal de Turismo

Nava del Rey, Valladolid

Castillo de la Mota

Medina del Campo, Valladolid


University of Delaware - Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

Davenport Public Library – Davenport, Iowa

Putnam Museum – Davenport, Iowa

Library – Wartburg College, Iowa

Palmer College of Chiropractic

Stanford at The Tech – Understanding Genetics

Library – American University, Washington College of Law

Berkeley City College, Berkeley, CA

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Santa Maria Bullfighting School, Texas

Laredo Public Library - Laredo, TX

Missouri Pacific Historical Society

Burlington Route Historical Society

Antique Radios

Kent Calder Texas State Historical Association


Kew Gardens

The Original Maids of Honour

Library - Kew, Richmond 

Middle East

Tel Aviv University 

Sincere thanks to you all

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