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The Journey to Forget Me Not

I am still not sure how this happened.  But writing Forget Me Not started in February 2013. My fingers flew over the keyboard with places and characters materializing out of thin air and cramming my brain.  I hung on and went for the ride … never knowing which shore I was going to land upon.

         At the 50,000 word mark I sent off the skeleton – the bare bones - for a professional look over and received mixed reviews; my writing was flabby; littered with adverbs; too detailed; not detailed enough; urged to leave writing to others …

         Never to leave any stone un-turned I took a deep breath and looked objectively at how to turn a rough pebble into something I could be proud of. 

         I learned that I knew nothing and gasp - there were rules to writing. I had broken just about all of them. I joined an anonymous on-line writing group and got my knuckles rapped – often.  

         Researching was a whole new realm. A single line or phrase would be all that was used after countless--often painstaking-- hours.  I have been truly enriched.

         Having been put on the backburner for a couple of months, the characters and their stories were agitating to be heard again. The manuscript grew alarmingly and at 86,000 words went off for another pair of unbiased eyes to pick over it. There was a glimmer of hope after all.

         The last few months have been a period of refining, checking, re-checking and polishing each character. Getting a simple thing like a time-line straight, ‘almost done my poor dyslexic brain in’. Forgive me for those holes I’ve missed and any other anomalies that may jump out at you.       

         I do hope you enjoy Forget Me Not’s characters and their stories as much as I had writing them.

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